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Restricted Visitation. Strained Staff. Disconnected Families.
New Challenges Need New Solutions.

Transform Your NICU Experience for Staff and PArents with proven Televisitation solutions

CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT - Free Clinical Communication Solution

AngelEye Health understands the unique needs and challenges faced in the Intensive Care Unit environment. We are committed to supporting you, your team, and the patients and families you serve.
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More than 80 hospitals have partnered with AngelEye Health offering live-streaming video, digital clinical communication, and online education to support staff and families.

AngelEye Solutions

Increased Access + Enhanced Quality of Care + Improved Satisfaction

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For Families

AngelEye offers families greater peace of mind by allowing them to engage with clinicians and loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week via visual and audio communication tools.
  • Supports family integrated care
  • Inspires trust of care team, fostering lasting patient loyalty and improving satisfaction
  • Facilitates easy access to relevant care information, communication from care team and educational resources, reducing post discharge issues
  • Alleviates the financial hardship associated with travel and time off work
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For Care Teams

Hospitals gain the ability to enhance communication across the care continuum, improve patient satisfaction and experience and facilitate better outcomes.
  • Streamlines complex workflows through secure communication with patients, families and extended care team
  • Video, text, and email eliminate manual, paper-based processes
  • Enables better knowledge-sharing & hand-offs to reduce gaps in care
  • Improves patient experience allowing for increased HCAHPS scores
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AngelEye’s virtual engagement solution provides hospitals with proven televisitation tools that remove the barriers separating families from their loved ones’ during their critical care stay. The advanced camera, one-way audio technology, secure clinical communication and online education applications enhance the patient and family experience, improve quality of care, and increase efficiencies across the care continuum.

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Family Engagement Solution

Provides NICUs and PICUs with advanced camera technology that connects parents and extended family with their infant. Live-streaming video lets loved ones view their baby at any time from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets. This technology is needed now more than ever as COVID-19 has forced hospitals to change the rules on visitation.

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Parent Education Solution

AngelEye Health’s flexible Parent Education Solution empowers parents by offering essential education that prepares them for a successful transition home. The online Solution supports original or licensed material - photos, videos, PDFs, and presentations organized in a flexible folder structure customized to meet the needs of your families. And, parents have access to the full set of resources while in the hospital and post-discharge.

Partnering with Injoy Health Education, lessons, presented in English and Spanish, span the entire NICU journey. Each short session (1.5 – 3.5 minutes) delivers essential evidence-based information through clear visuals and authentic stories prepared at a 5th grade literacy level.

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Clinical Communication Solution

Our Solution allows care-teams to easily send secure, HIPAA-compliant, one-way communication updates (photo, video, text messages) to parents and guardians through any internet-enabled device or our free App. The Clinical Communication Solution makes it simple to share vital updates and memorable moments during this time of increased stress and restricted visitation. Families get the comfort and assurance they need, while your staff saves valuable time needed for patient care.


Families, Patients, and Care Teams love AngelEye Health!

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