Leveraging education for parents with children in intensive care to improve care plan compliance and enhance key quality initiatives

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Millions of children are admitted to intensive care units each year for critical conditions, accidents, or surgeries. Besides the physical pain, the experience can cause emotional trauma as well. The fear, anxiety, and shock can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Often many families struggle with a sense of frustration and helplessness. Studies show that when parents and families are more educated about their child’s health conditions and care plans, they take a more active role in that care.

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5 Opportunities To Improve Post-Discharge Education For Parents Of Neonates

Pic: Doctor placing stethoscope on distressed baby's chest

An article published in the Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings stated, “In the context of escalating health care costs and shocking future cost projections, the potential for improved health outcomes through patient education and self-management programs is immense.”[1] At the heart of this idea, according to the authors, is patient engagement. Nowhere is this more true […]

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Breaking Down Barriers to Care

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The New Role of Virtual Care Technology in Removing Barriers and Improving Connectivity Between Providers, Patients, and Families Access to quality care is one of the major challenges facing our healthcare system today. Rural areas—home to one in five Americans—are particularly hard hit as hospitals and other clinical resources leave smaller communities in an effort […]

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