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AngelEye Value

Virtual Care.
Supporting Clinical Excellence Beyond Physical Barriers.

The Benefits

Quality • Satisfaction • Efficiency

Pic: Couple Relaxed

Improved Experience and Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

Real-time communication enhances patient and family experience improving patient satisfaction scores

Pic: Mother and Daughter viewing baby on laptop

Increased Access

Extending care beyond the four walls of the hospital

Pic: Female doctor looking forward

Enhance Quality of Care

Supports the tenets of family-centered care improving the quality pre- and post-discharge

Pic: Baby looking at mother

Potential Clinical Benefits

Aids in breast milk production for mothers and improvement in neonate’s cognitive development

Pic: Distressed baby with father looking in

Extended Access During Limited Visitation

Extended family “virtual access” lowers infection risk

Pic: Female Doctor using tablet computer

Validation for "Meaningful Use"

Validate education materials viewed by patient or family members

Female hospital administrator working at desk

Increased Engagement and Improvement Workflows for Clinicians

Bed Management via EHR integration and Single Sign-on for Staff

Pic: Doctor placing stethoscope on distressed baby's chest

Reduced Readmissions

More effective, easier to access, education to mitigate issue and address questions once families return home

Foundation Funding for Virtual Care

AngelEye Health supports clients in their effort to raise funds including:


and Content

Donation Links
Including In-Portal

Sample Donation Pages

Care Team Testimonials

Virtual Care that creates a patient and family centric care environment.


AngelEye positively impacts the patient and family experience.